Kee Hee Lee
"My work is inspired by balancing the harmony between nature and people."

Kee Hee Lee has been creating passionate oriental brush paintings for the past thirty years. As a formally trained artist, her exceptional works of art have a quality seldom seen in exhibitions throughout the United States. They capture the grace, charm and tranquility of the Orient.

She has had numerous art exhibits and works introduced by private shows and fine art galleries across the U.S., including the Collectors' Gallery, Columbus Museum ofArt and the Alliance Gallery within the Indianapolis Museum of Art. She has also presented at the New York Art Expo and the Atlanta ABC show. Her artwork is being distributed internationally by leading publishers such as the New York Graphic Society, Editions Limited, Benty House Publishing and Mead Corporation. Kee Hee combines unique oriental elements with traditional techniques to achieve a higher level of sophistication in contemporary and modern art. "My work is inspired by balancing the harmony between nature and people," says Kee Hee.

The Wind Fine Art Gallery and Hydrangea Home Furnishings are the main focus of Kee Hee's various business venture. The Wind Fine Art Gallery houses internationally renowned artwork to the Midwest. Hydrangea Home Furnishings features a unique selection of distinctive interiors, fine furnishings, lighting, custom cabinetry, and exclusive accessories in clean, elegant desins to enhance today's living. Together under Wind Group Inc., these companies combine fine artwork with custom interiors to create a cohesive concept of classical ohme design. Kee Hee has also utilized her talents in the culinary business for the past twenty years, owning and operating the Jade Garden Restaurant chain and Cajun Grille. Kee Hee uses her extensive business experiences from the realms of art, interior decoration, and the restaurant industry to continually develop her professional endeavors.

With a creative soul and mind, Kee Hee's passion is writing and pursuing a career as a promising author. She has published two novels in her native language, Korean, as well as an autobiography. Kee Hee's latest love lies in her weekly column where she expresses her dynamic views of the world. These columns are published in the Korea Daily, Joong Ang Ilbo, USA.

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